Geezer Jim is a mysterious character who started appearing in my mirror a few years ago. I didn't recognize him, although he does look vaguely familiar but sort of unstable to me. He insisted that I start this website for his absurd attempts at humor or what he calls wisdom. In an attempt to pacify him, I am offering up his wandering thoughts.

I am posting a new one every Monday and leaving it up all week. He says his goal is to offend everyone. So, if you find one that offends you don't get upset, come back next Monday and you may find one that offends someone you don't like.
Although these "Gems", as he calls them, are copyrighted excerpts from his book, you are free to print them out and hang them on your wall, send them to friends, or make paper airplanes out of them. You must, however, leave the website printed on the bottom.


You are NOT permitted to use them for commercial purposes, put them on posters, clothing, bumper stickers or anything for sale. If you want to use them for such things, you must first get written permission from the copyright owner, William James Morrison, Jr.
                                                                              Hope you enjoy them, y'all come back now.

                                                                                                                         -Jim Morrison